Attention – this is news.

So we said we had news.  And it’s clear we haven’t been working too hard on new posts these days.  So here it is, here’s our news:


Except here’s some other news – LIFE IS NUTS.  So basically, we wanted to have this done months ago, but, you know, that darn life, and all of it’s life-i-ness.

So the shop doesn’t have much in it right now.  BUT IT WILL.  Changes will just be made more slowly than quickly.

In the shop, you will (eventually) find:

• Awesome Party Printables (you know how we do)

• Cute Digital Clip Art

• Fun Early Learning Printables

• Super Nifty Party Supplies (like actual real products that you can buy and have shipped to you!)

“So what does this mean for the blog?” you ask.

“Will you still have free stuff?” you ponder.

And the answer is WE WILL STILL HAVE WAY COOL FREE STUFF ON THE BLOG.  Because free stuff is fun.

And once we get everything running smoothly we’ll actually get back to posting crafts and free printables (and new stuff in our shop) on a regular basis – wouldn’t that be shocking?

So pretty please keep coming back – we have big plans, and you won’t want to miss it!

  • Caroline Bingham

    Welcome back. You have been missed!

  • Caroline Bingham

    Love your December desktop, but I’m having trouble downloading it. I’ll try it again later. Thank you for your generosity. Your printables are all so cute!