3 month FREE membership to Storybots

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, I LOVE STORYBOTS.  They are fun and super great for my little kids to learn from.  Plus they don’t annoy the crap out of me like most little kids stuff does.

The website started only a few months ago and we’ve loved seeing when they add new videos and stuff.  Up to this point they’ve had the whole site for free (except the ipad books, which I 100% recommend paying for, because they are that awesome), but alas, things that awesome don’t stay free forever.  Especially since they’ve taken a firm “no ads” policy since little kids are notorious for clicking on EVERYTHING.

This is what the creators (who also created jibjab) say about it:

When we first started looking at apps for our own kids, we were shocked by the huge number of low-quality, spammy apps out there. What’s worse is the way they showed inappropriate, unsafe ads to kids and tricked them into making in-app purchases.
We chose a different path for StoryBots.

Our vision? For a simple monthly subscription of $4.99, parents can unlock an entire universe of learning and fun across the web, iPhone, and iPad. That way, kids can have a blast with quality, original content and parents can rest easy knowing their kids are exploring in a safe, commerce-free environment.

Personally I like this, and don’t mind paying for the quality and safety.  And besides, they told me that I could get 3 months for free, and that I could also tell all my friends that they can have 3 months free too.  And since we’re all friends here, that includes YOU.

Just click on the link to sign up for your free 3 months on Storybots:

And enjoy.